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Amsterdam in the evening

May 17, 2016
Amsterdam in the evening

I stand corrected, Amsterdam in the evening is as beautiful. Rather I should say it’s more hustle and bustle.

Amsterdam’s golden hour at canal belt:

Amsterdam Canal Belt

Seventeenth Century Canal Ring
I am bringing you some beautiful shots from Dam square. It is always jam packed with tourists and locals, one of the most important squares in Amsterdam and is created around the Amstel river.

Following first two pictures are the main tourist attraction.

Famous Royal palace of the 17th century. It is no longer the home for Dutch Royal Family but still is the venue for official receptions.

Dam Square - The Dutch Royal Palace

Amsterdam - Nieuwe Zijde - Magna Plaza

The palace at the Dam square is surrounded by shopping plazas like Magna, Bijenkorf and trendy shops. There also are a number of Dutch cheese shops, food stalls, restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. Other tourist attractions around Dam square are Krasnapolsky, Phallic National Memorial, Madame Tussauds, New Church, Old Stock Exchange Building and Beurs Van Berlage.

The Dam Square - Peek Cloppenburg

A further walk from Dam square brings you to Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District (RLD), which has everything from brothels to sex shops to sex museums. Walking through RLD once the sun sets, does not leave anything to your imagination. RLD is also known as Rossebuurt. Be sure to visit the capital of sex at least once during your trip.

Tip: Don’t plan RLD first thing during your trip as it could lead you to wrong impression about Amsterdam. Point camera or taking pictures is strictly banned of female entertainers, as it is considered to be disrespectful to women. I choose to play by the books and obeyed the rules, no pictures taken in that area but I will narrate my experience.

You can know you are entering RLD as you would see road blockers on both sides of the lane with red lights on it, probably indicating you are entering RLD.

Rossebuurt stays packed in the evening with all different age group of people, men, and women. You will see both first-time visitors in awe and experienced visitors enhancing their experience.  

It is in the old city with charming 14th-century architecture and cobblestone street. Pretty cute setting. The place comes to life in the evening when it gets on its grove with red lights and red-fringed window parlors. You can find women of different nationality showing off their wares and attracting customers. Curtain covered window means, the women has been taken. Services offered could vary from peep-show to interactive shows to strip clubs to private cabin ( behind the closed curtains).

Let it be a mystery if I had my share of fun or not.

Hope you enjoyed the red light pictorial representative drew by yours truly.


Amsterdam Red Light District from Nidhi Patel on Vimeo.

It’s wise to say you have to be alert to be safe as everyone around you is high with some or other thing. Though there is police security around and near the area. Also as its been said to be extra careful from pick-pocketers.

Hope you had fun reading my experience on Amsterdam in the evening.

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