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Walking through beautiful Amsterdam

May 10, 2016
Walking through beautiful Amsterdam

Check the lovely pictures I took walking through beautiful Amsterdam, the canal city. I was there for three days and walked the entire old city. I love exploring new places walking and Amsterdam is pretty enough to enjoy the walk (was reluctant to manage in shocking cooler temperatures).

Amsterdam Canals - Amstel River, Negen Straatjes

Through the flowers

Waiting to bloom - Amsterdam

Lovely canals and the bridges.

Oh so cute, Amsterdam! Houses, bikes

Magna Plaza - The Shopping Mall, Nieuwe Zijde

Concert Cebouw

I think it should be tagged as a bicycle city along with canals. To my surprise, one has to be extra careful of the bikes flying through the streets than any other vehicles.

Europe is very laid back and it was astonishing to see the city silent till 9 in the morning. Living whole my life in India and Toronto, the approach towards life seems totally opposite in Amsterdam.

I was jet-lagged and crashed on the first day by 6 pm. I know that’s not cool, and in my defense, I could say it was cold – very cold (too much for escaping the winter ) as I was in India for awhile.

Talking about Amsterdam, spot the cuteness everywhere in the city through the pictures.  Though there were quite a few buildings under restoration along with few streets being revamped.

Aren’t these pretty cute?

Love Stories

Roses - Candy to my eyes!

Following pictures are taken around the famous “IAmsterdam”. To my horror, I didn’t clicked one with myself in the frame just because I thought I will be back again next day. Sigh!

Floating Tulips - Nah!

Amsterdam - Negen Straatjes

RIJKS Museum
RIJKS Museum - Architecture

White , yellow, red TULIPS - Where's the clog?

Around Amsterdam

I will share more on where I stayed and why I loved that place. Along with some food and farmers market pics in another article.

Thank you for stopping by. Do read more on my experience in Amsterdam on below links:

Enjoy what I was able to capture via the borrowed lens while walking through beautiful Amsterdam!



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