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Bhagsu Nag waterfall, Dharamshala ~ The breathtaking view

February 9, 2020
Bhagsu Nag waterfall, Dharamshala ~ The breathtaking view

Immersed in the beauty of the mountains and valleys from the Bhagsu Nag waterfall*, Dharamshala. ~ The breathtaking view 

I had a thought-provoking conversation with an excellent friend (@jitesh.kapadia); The subject matter was on “What we say.”

That is, we say out loud stays forever in the Brahman “The Universe,” so release only those words out which you want to leave it as your legacy and nothing else as somewhere someone is on the receiving end of those words, emotions, feelings. . .

This capture makes me ponder on our last evening discussion- what if the nature around us reflects what we release to Brahman? What if we can do good by merely keeping ourselves in check? What if …..?

It is my belief the energy around us makes or breaks us, then wouldn’t that be the case with the Mother Earth, the Brahman (The Universe)? ~ “Everything around us is that sensitive.”

Knowing that we have the power to shape everything, then what will be your next step? How would you behave? What will be your actions?

Photo Credit: @obliviousthought; Jan 2019



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