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February 11, 2016

Ah Cuppa! If you are anything like me than you posses love for coffee. Nothing can beat a nicely brewed cup of coffee with rich and luscious texture, be it cappuccino, latte or simple coffee.

If you are in Toronto and love coffee, do not forget to pay visit to hustling and bustling Dineen Coffee Company on Young and Temperance. Charming place with the Parisian vibe and perfect patterned tile. On Friday afternoons they play live jazz and I love it.

The only downside is to find a place to get stationed at, as it’s always filled with people. It gets chaotic but I am in love with the vibe of this place.

My favorite drink so far at Dineen is:
Cappucino with almond milk and a sweet indulgence of biscotti.
Visit  Dineen Coffee Company for more details.



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