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Compare or Compete

December 3, 2017
Keukenhof Gardens 2017 - Holland

My 2 cents on Comparison or Competition:

Are you in the habit of always comparing someone or yourself? Or competing? Let me, tell you, my dear, then you are selling the person in context short as in other words you are limiting their capacity of achieving.

I have spent my fair share of childhood getting compared and trust me I hated every moment of that; I hated the person who used the comparison note for me too; I know “hate” being a strong emotion but that is what you feel when you are a kid. I suppose.

I finally understood my reason for getting annoyed with that well thought no harm gesture which in return did enough to harm was that I felt limited and that they were selling me short on what I was capable of producing.

For real if you are stuck in the “comparison” practice I would suggest you break out of that immediately and not waste your time. Don’t second doubt yourself; Instead, focus on carving your goal/path.

I agree “competing” helps to push boundaries and allows one to grow but only if the competitors share the same goals and if it’s a healthy and not destructive competition. You have to understand it’s not always about being number 1; it’s all about staying true to yourself and the motivation. The whole motion is in place to help “you” grow, It should be the focus of the competition and not otherwise for each competitor.

I would suggest stopping “comparison” it isn’t the correct medium to motivate. In my opinion, it has done more harm than good for anyone. Be creative in inspiring!



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