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Crepe Off-the-Shoulder Lilac Top

May 1, 2017
Crepe Off-the-Shoulder Lilac Top

Off-the-Shoulder look is making waves

It’s a year of Off-the-Shoulder tops and dresses. The style is part of almost every shop today in a variety of cuts, ruffles, and fabrics.

The spring calls for light and breezy outfits with a freshness in the air.

It’s beautiful to see how the trees get covered with fresh green, white, and pink blooms like a delicate silhouette. A pretty sight of cherry blossom and beautiful Yulan Magnolias makes it magical.

A walk in the park with off-the-shoulder top -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

About the top

It is a smooth off-the-shoulder top made of crepe silhouette, A relaxed blouse styled with Vintage cut doing everything right.

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

The top Features, Size, and Fit

It has a wide elasticated neckline for the shape retention.


I picked the pastel shade, Marcilly Lilac fog blouse. It also comes in various colors.


Relaxed – a comfortable top that’s just shy of loose


I have XS size on me, and I am petite 5’1.5 / 155 cm.

Climb up the stairs -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Casual vibes with Stan Smith

I am wearing a comfortable to walk in white and pink Stan Smith, perfect for a casual stroll out to the park or to count kilometers while exploring a new area. An effortless to pair with everything shoes.

Stan Smith Addidas -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Beside the spring pink blooms -

In love with this beautiful lilac off-the-shoulder top.

Crepe Off the shoulder top -

Love the way it feels on the skin and how light and flowy it is. Easy to dress it up with a pair of jeans, shorts or skirt.

Elevate the look by pairing it with a beige or white pants. I am going to get a lot of wear out of this top.

Jewelry: Custom Gold | Top: Aritzia | Brand: Talula | Shoes: Adidas | Denim: Abercrombie| Sunglasses: Coach | Sponsored: No


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