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Dreams and wishes

November 5, 2017
Dreams and wishes

Dreams and wishes?

Oh, someday will get a house too lol! But torn between suburb and downtown; any solution for that? And don’t forget the enormous price attached to it.

Isn’t this fantastic and bit eerie, I capture this photo yesterday while I was out for a workout walk. It’s pitch dark as the sun set today at 5:02 pm since the daylight saving has ended today and it’s been raining all day; pretty misty. I had spent pretty much all day cleaning and prepping for an Italian Fiesta, a dinner party with my cousins for Bhai Bij; but who cares what’s the reason for a party; All it counts is a time to¬†celebrate. Oh! Yes while penning this down; a Christmas movie is playing on TV; lol I love Christmas, and I am afraid I am going to be missing the Christmas this year as well.

Signing off; my guests are here.



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