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Experience Energy: I reflect you!

April 30, 2020
Experience Energy: I reflect you!

Energy is contagious:

I reflect your energy; it’s that simple, though I took the time to understand and comprehend the concept and its massive effect in reality.

We all believe everything emits a certain kind of energy be that is living or not. And it’s safe to say that another consumes the energy released by one. Likewise, we all more or less function on energy, and the same goes for our moods. The Covid has given this notion a center stage and a chance to thrive.

It’s a simple fact that when you spend time with a happy and cheerful environment, person, or content, your mood reflects the same. This is because you absorbed the jovial energy emitted. And sad if around a gloominess, and angry if around hate or anger, you know the drill.

Have you ever faced this? Were you able to remain uninfluenced by it? Have you ever tried to work with the energies around you? Wouldn’t we all want to master the art of shaping the energies around us and utilizing it for the better world?

Have you ever wonder how you can change the course of energy around or within you? Leaving you with this thought to ponder on, share your experiences, if any?


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