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Mango Sriracha Tart

November 6, 2017
Mango Sriracha Tart


I grew up surrounded by mangoes that’s something I can say, and anyone who knows me they would agree to it.

I am dreaming about the tropics lately; just as the weather is cooling down; but hey no complains I love to experience the colors of nature which shine in fall. And look forward to Christmas.

I am sharing a click of something I tried a while ago when I was racking my brains to develop dessert recipes utilizing Sriracha.

Let me know the idea intrigues you and I will do a proper recipe post for you on the “Kitchen Stories.”



P.S.: I love this short and sweet cute notes between you and me (the reader) now only if I can get some good comment action here; Don’t be shy; feel free to chime in. Sorry, Instagram isn’t allowing me to do posts there as the app keeps crashing for me and I am not sure if its a phone thing or app thing. So I thought this is the perfect medium to connect with you.

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