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Ruffle up in floral for the spring

February 24, 2017
Ruffle up in floral for the spring

Ruffle up for this spring with floral print crop top

A fierce and stylish comeback to ruffles, it is ubiquitous. The elegance incorporated to shirts, tops, pants, dresses, sweaters, trench coats, winter jackets and accessories like handbags and shoes.

Ruffles have surfaced with some elegant design aesthetics stitched with sophistication without the bulkiness.

It’s no surprise that various designers embrace ruffles. A modern spin and vibrant colors making it more fun and flirty, without any extra fabric.

The crop top below incorporates ruffles into the sleeves adding a little fun, and playful feel to it.

Floral Ruffle Print Crop Top - Nidhi Patel

Floral Ruffle print crop top with white pant

I opted for a beautiful ruffled floral print crop top with white dress pants.

It was quite a hunt to find perfect white pants. Style essentials you need in your wardrobe of which one is white pants. A very versatile piece of garment.

It is ideal for office wear, brunch, friends night. I love to pair it with a beautiful basic silk top and bold accessories. Perfect for a date night out.

Printed Crop Top and White Pants

Crossbody Handbag and Wrist Watch - Nidhi Patel

A story about the crossbody bag

This Michael Kors crossbody bag has become a very favored item of mine. I love small bags as it forces me to lug around less stuff with me; it helps to keep the bag decluttered and weight off the shoulders. I find myself keep going for this tiny treasure.

It’s time to hunt for a perfect tote bag in black, share below if you have any personal favorites.

Crossbody Handbag and Purse - Nidhi Patel

Wrist watch as a statement piece

I haven’t invested in a new wrist watch lately; there was a time I couldn’t step out without one. I am getting the groove back on and bringing this chic and exquisite piece out for a ride. I love the classic feel. It is a Balmain. Do share if you are getting the hang of the new era watches, or prefer the charms you already own?

Latest Wrist Watch - Nidhi Patel

Complete Casual Look - Nidhi Patel

Dreamy accessories:

I picked some rose gold earrings and necklace from Swarovski with sparkly Swarovski studded crystals.

I accessorize with gold or rose gold as I find it compliment my complexion better.

Growing up in India, it’s very evident to sway to custom jewelry. I can’t wait to get my hands on to some fine jewelry available these days in the market like Mejuri. I fall for delicate and exquisite jewelry.

Swarovski Rose Gold Earrings

Do you love black platform wedges?

I can vouch for these particular platforms; they have in no time become one of the favorites, I keep going for them night after night.

I love heels it makes me feel slender, sexy and tall as it elevates the look. My love to walk guides my selection of footwear. Naturally, I cave into flats or shoes. Keeping my love for the heels confined to the parties and for any other occasions. Wedges are giving me an in between leisure of pleasure.

They were a charm. I did manage to test the wedges in two weddings, dance in them and ran around like a duck.

This black beauty is a comfort. My suggestion to the heels virgin is to start with some platform wedges or wedges; it’s easy to adjust. Wedges work wonders with flat arch feet and are evergreen.

Black Platform Wedges With Ankle Strap

Fashion is a personal choice, to me, it’s an art and how one chooses to convey their sense of style. I tend to lean towards practical use and a reasonable budget. I love to dress up in designer outfits.

Let me know some of your favorites below.

Jewelry: Swarovski Rose Gold | Wrist Watch: Balmain Watches | Floral Ruffle Crop Top & White Pants: Club Monaco | Wedges & Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors | Sponsored: No


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