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Taken as granted?

November 26, 2017
Taken as granted?

Problem-solving strategy.

Read into the complex nature of the events and learn how it could be manipulated with different variables; more importantly, try to lay it down in a simpler form. To what I see there can be more than one way for this:

Option 1: When you know the answer; Clear goal.

Solution: Find the way to form the correct question; it’s essential to create the right question to get the expected answer. No other way; discard the variables which could manipulate the situation.

Option 2: When you have multiple choice, and there are more than one correct answers; This is because the problem is allowed to be manipulated with various variables. And since we are not referring to the mathematical problem; it is obvious someone, or something has to give.

Solution: Form the correct question to suit the answer.

Either of the cases may not have the easy way to solve the problem; someone or something will have to give in real life.

Trying to relate the Problem solving and critical thinking strategy to real life from mathematical learnings.



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