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What’s your someday wish?

August 21, 2017
What's your someday wish?

Someday wish?

Who doesn’t have a someday wishlist? I have a someday list, and I keep amending it.

It’s imperative how one work towards achieving the someday wish list, and it just doesn’t remain some list. I am big on making lists for everything I do. My preferred way is to make a list on a piece of paper, which I can go over daily. The digital record isn’t that real to me – Ha! See the irony. The much face time I give to the list, it becomes more tangible and achievable as consciously and subconsciously it allows to take actions which help to get one step closer towards achieving the wish. I think it has played a significant role on where I am today. It is essential to put wish list out in the universe and hence, I have decided to put my “Someday Wishlist” on my blog.

My someday wishlist:

  • Travel the world and experience the life as I dream + Road trips
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Skydiving once at least
  • Keep improving photography and videography for my blog
  • Learn to skate
  • Learn to swim
  • Create a product line
  • I have a crazy secret wish – I will let you in when I achieve that
  • Next one is coming soon

Some of the wishlist items I managed to check off my list:

  • 14 countries traveled so far, 4 more on the list this year
  • Moving permanently out of India
  • Having my own business
  • Start playing lawn tennis again
  • Ziplining in Whistler
  • I flew an airplane
My “Photography” Portfolio:
Lena Restaurant - Bar scene

Lena Restaurant – Bar scene

Ratalu Sandwich - Gujarati Cuisine - Mom's Kitchen

Ratalu Sandwich – Gujarati Cuisine – Mom’s Kitchen

Toronto Downtown - Financial District

Toronto Downtown – Financial District

Boxcar Social - Harbourfront

Boxcar Social – Harbourfront

Cherry Blossoms Buds

Cherry Blossoms Buds

Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris

What’s your someday wishlist? Have you ever jotted them down and worked towards making them come true?






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